Gordon Terminal services aren’t simple, but they are relatively simple to understand.

We receive the ingredients that formulate to make lubricating oils via barge, railcar, and truck transport. Ingredients are then belnded into finished products to our customers’ specifications. The finished products are then either packaged on site and shipped, or shipped in bulk form via tank transport or rail car. We sample and test the products repeatedly through each stage of the process to guarantee the highest quality.

Gordon Terminal ensures 100% adherence to our customers’ exacting standards before any finished product leaves the plant.


At Gordon Terminal, we specialize in the terminalling of lubricant oil, handling each step with precision and care. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure supports efficient storage, distribution, and management of this essential product, ensuring you receive a product that meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. By integrating cutting-edge technology and safety protocols, we facilitate seamless supply chains for your lubricant oil needs, delivering on time and without compromise. Trust in our terminalling services to provide uninterrupted access to high-quality lubricant oil, enabling your customers machinery to operate at peak performance.


Gordon Terminal excels in lubricant blending, using meticulous techniques to combine base oils and additives, creating high-performance products tailored to your specific needs. Our blending facilities are equipped with the required equipment that allows us to maintain unparalleled quality control and consistency across batches. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke lubricant solutions.


Gordon Terminal is at the forefront of lubricant packaging solutions, boasting a robust range of capabilities to meet diverse needs. We offer a quart line, gallon line, and 2.5 gallon packaging service, perfect for your retail customers. For larger volume requirements, our automated drum and pail fillers are designed for efficiency and precision, ensuring accurate fill levels and minimal product waste. Regardless of volume, our packaging is robust and secure, guaranteeing safe transportation and storage of your lubricants. Rely on our expertise to provide packaging solutions that uphold the integrity of your lubricants, streamline your operations, and cater to your specific business needs.


At Gordon Terminal, we excel in facilitating the efficient shipping of finished lubricant products through a myriad of transport methods. Both our locations are equipped to receive and dispatch bulk materials and finished products via marine vessel, rail, and truck transport, ensuring maximum flexibility for our customers. With our intermodal capabilities, we guarantee seamless transitions between various modes of transportation, enabling your goods to deliver swiftly and securely, regardless of the destination. We also specialize in shipping containers bound for ships across the globe. Trust in Gordon Terminal for all your lubricant shipping needs, where we integrate diverse transport options with meticulous planning to ensure your goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Quality Assurance

Gordon Terminal Services has a long established reputation for providing quality products and service. Our quality systems are continually improving through numerous external customer and third-party audits, which occur regularly each year. All products and raw materials are constantly tested and retested to ensure the goods received into and shipped from our facilities meet all customer specifications.
Our employees are highly trained and motivated and are the foundation that makes Gordon Terminal Service one of the top independent producers of automotive and industrial lubricants in North America.
When product moves in our facility it is tested at every step along the process to make sure that your product is not compromised.
  • ASTM or customer defined standards
  • SQC to adhere to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949:2016 requirements
  • Serialized lot management and traceability
Process Control
Computerized specification with serialized lot management ensures product bulk and package are inspected per industry requirements or greater.

We will help design process control plans or FMEAs to fit your product or process

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